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by Macovei Marius Alexandru, aged 16

A4 Photograph, full colour

Macovei chooses to use the medium of photography as “a powerful way to say a lot by just presenting one image.” He has developed a passion for using it to capture the world around him and finds it very calming.


By displaying the park environment looking dead, during the Summer months, he presents the viewer with the possible harsh reality of our future. However, Macovei hopes that his photograph also illustrates that nature is ever-changing. 


If you were to go to this spot in the park today, it probably looks totally different. So, it's really never too late to decide to change our behaviour.


Snap your
own shot

Take a wander around the park to find the spot where Macovei took his shot. 


We want to see what it looks like now. Take a shot on your mobile phone and then head to our website to upload it to our digital gallery


Check out our short video with top tips on how to capture the best shot!

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