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History/ Irony


by Akshitha Balendran, aged 15

A4 Collages using Mixed Media

How often have you gone to an exhibition or gallery and wondered why what is being presented is considered art? 


Described by Akshitha as “a random collection of images presented in a random way with no real context or story behind it”, History/ Irony provides a commentary on what we value as artistic. 


It challenges how much we value capital acquisition (which is what traditional art galleries do) above the lives that social and environmental crises are taking. By using very cheap materials - magazine cuttings, paper, cardboard, paint - to stitch together images that usually hold high value such as aristocracy or celebrity. At the same time, she is reducing the personal impact of her art on the environment by using recycled resources.


Ultimately, Akshitha believes that “life is a mystery, no one knows what to expect… so just live it!”

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