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Present meets Past

by Tammy-Rose Baker, aged 24

Box art featuring collage, hand-made sculpture and acrylic paint

Inspired by the methods of artist Joseph Cornell, and his box art creations, Tammy-Rose has created an art piece that combines the past and present of the park. 

Through the art, she hopes to show visitors how the space has changed over time and what we might want to change in the future, for the people who are going to continue to use the park to come together and be in the beautiful wildlife. 

Tammy-Rose uses art to express the emotional impacts of witnessing the destruction that humans are causing around the world. She is especially passionate about raising awareness of endangered species, with over 41,000 currently at high risk of extinction! 

She hopes that guests will be inspired to reconnect with nature like the visitors of the park in the past. Playing their part in helping to protect wildlife and the natural world, not helping to destroy it. For a better tomorrow - for us now and for future generations.


Explore the
parks history

Visit the websites below to learn more about the past, present and future of Morden Hall Park and the wider borough of Merton.

If you’re inspired to create something, like Tammy-Rose, take a shot on your mobile and upload it to our digital gallery.

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