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Sublime Abjection

by Casey Hill, aged 16

A2 Canvas, Acrylic Paint, Airbrush


Casey uses his artwork to comment on modern culture and identities. Exploring the ideas of norms, rules and morality.


Inspired by Julia Kristeva’s concept of Abjection - which analyses popular culture narratives of horror, and discriminatory behaviour such as misogyny, homophobia and genocide - Casey wants to use his art to challenge how we all respond to the world around us. 


He is especially interested in urban areas, such as London, where norms around beauty and behaviour are widely accepted. He has observed how this often leads to people criticising their surroundings for being “ugly” and only finding beauty in specific, usually unattainable, places.


The provocative depiction of a decaying animal corpse is a tactic to encourage people to find beauty in things that are commonly disregarded as “disgusting” or “ugly.” By presenting it in a beautiful way - juxtaposing the corpse with conventionally beautiful things such as butterflies and beams of light - he is attempting to “transcend beauty using transgression.”


He hopes that visitors will leave inspired to really look at what’s around them and find beauty in everything, to truly be happier.

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