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The Machine That Controls Electricity

by Ganann Srikaran, aged 19

A1 Canvas, Acrylic Paint

Ganann’s art is inspired by the environment, which he describes as “magnificent, wonderful and brilliant.” 


In the largest piece of this exhibition, Ganann is celebrating Morden Hall Park’s water mill. A resource that he admires as an environmentally friendly way to make the energy that we need to live our lives.


Ganann has Autism Spectrum Disorder and moderate Learning Disabilities and enjoys painting with bold colours and creating striking pieces that are interesting to look at. 


He hopes that his art will leave people feeling inspired.



Explore the
parks history

Take a wander around the park to find the water mill that inspired Ganann’s painting. 


You can find out more about the history of the water mill, snuff, Morden Hall Park and the borough of Morden more generally by clicking on the links below.


Maybe you’ll be inspired to create something! Take a shot on your mobile and upload it to our digital gallery.

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