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Two Word Art

by Otis Raymakers, aged 21

Various Photographs, full colour

Otis works with paper, or cardboard, and pen to create unique word combinations. He then uses photography to “preserve them on another timeline”, whilst the original resources are recycled or reused. 


As an autistic artist, Otis loves playing with words and language - especially rhyming words and homophones - putting them together to create alternative thoughts and pathways. He was first inspired by playing word games such as Bananagrams or Scrabble. 


He hopes that his unique combinations will make viewers curious. Phrases like “Ill Bird” directly express his concern for the environment and animals. He is conscious in his art creation, reusing disregarded things he finds to avoid waste.



Play with

Be inspired by Otis’s artwork to express yourself! 


Think of two words to describe what you see, hear, or are feeling about the world. If you can, visit our space to add them to our Two Word Art Wall.


Need some inspiration? Check out our short video with top tips on how to write a poem, rap or song. 

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